About us

We are a professional services firm, based in Johannesburg specialising in forensic investigation, fraud risk management, corporate intelligence, empowerment and organisational transformation.

“Emerio” is a Latin word which means “to obtain by service, earn completely, deserve well”. Therefore, our mission is to obtain recognition as market leaders in industry-related solutions by going the extra mile, and our vision is to empower people and organisations.

We deliver and create value for our clients in an economic, social, cultural and legal context, by setting a standard of excellence for all tasks we are performing. Our focus is outcome-driven and we are passionate about people and achievement.

Our core values:


We do ethical business by always doing the right thing and by being honest in our conversations and engagements, thereby building trusted relationships.


We instill a culture of accountability. We therefore suggest solutions to our clients' problems, and come up with proposals and recommendations.


We embrace change, and are therefore conducting continuous research developing our ability to see around the corner, to anticipate the radically unexpected.