Our Approach

Forensic Investigation is our core business, and we apply the methodology informed by our experience in law enforcement (Scorpions), the financial industry (banking) and consulting.

We apply what we call the “cooking pot” method: an end-to-end fraud risk solution with the commencement of the hypothesis (worst case scenario) and concluding with a report which consists of all evidence collected and analysed, together with recommendations.

We have applied this methodology in assisting organisations in the following
Public entities | Mining | Marketing and Advertising | Oil and Energy | Manufacturing

We acknowledge that the world is evolving at a fast rate, especially in the digital era in which we are operating. We, therefore, apply digital forensics in our work.


  • Creating Hypothesis
  • Identification of Evidence, Witnesses, Persons of Interest and Suspects
  • Profiling of Natural Persons and Entities
  • Analysis of Evidence, Testimonies, and Statements
  • Discovery and Analysis of Electronic Evidence
  • Final Test Against Hypothesis
  • Logical Assessment of All Evidence Against Allegations
  • Determine Vulnerability Against Current Governance Regime of the Organization and Made Recommendations Accordingly in Report.