Our Services

Our services are aimed at combating, disrupting and reducing fraud in organisations, and ultimately to effect change, progress and transformation in client organisations. We deliver these services to our clients in a manner whereby we present and resolve the root cause of the problem.

Commercial Forensic Investigations:

  • Investigation into allegations of Corporate Fraud such as Investment Fraud, Commodity Trade Finance Fraud, Accounting Fraud, Internal Fraud, Theft, Money Laundering, Application Fraud, Cyber-crime, Identity Theft, Procurement Fraud, Corruption
  • Investigations into allegations of Public Sector Fraud such as Fruitless and Wasteful Expenditure, Procurement Fraud, Corruption, Maladministration of Funds, Nepotism, Conflict of Interest, Abuse of State Resources
  • Investigate, monitor and evaluate personnel practices which include investigation into employee misconduct and grievances

Post-investigation Services:

  • Reporting of criminal cases and litigation support
  • Testifying in disciplinary hearings, CCMA, criminal and civil courts
  • Advising on control improvements to detect and prevent fraud and other irregularities, and assist the organisation in implementation thereof

Fraud Risk Advisory Services:

  • Fraud Risk Assessment: to test organisational internal controls as businesses are developing and advice on business risks pertaining to new and existing geographical areas, services and products; including the overall organisational vulnerability to fraud and other risks
  • Environmental controls: testing and advising on internal controls to detect and prevent fraud; reviewing and drafting of policies, procedures and processes to reduce fraud risks, including drafting of Fraud Prevention and Whistleblowing Policies, and Fraud Risk Frameworks; Fraud Awareness and Training

Corporate Intelligence:

  • Corporate governance, due diligence, regulatory compliance
  • Advise on the successful implementation of the King III Guidelines and the provisions of the Companies Act


  • Establishing end-to-end fraud risk solutions and forensic functions in organisations
  • Provide training on forensic investigation, fraud risks and corporate governance

Organisational Transformation:

We provide excellent services to improve and transform businesses to reach their true potential by focusing on:

  • The Discovery of the burning platform;
  • To Design new ways of working to realise change;
  • To Plan how to engage the organisation in embracing the new ways of working;
  • To Implement the agreed changes across the business in line with the plan; and
  • To Sustain the changes and realise the benefits thereof.